Brass and Woodwind Instrument Rental Scheme

Heritage Music Instrument Rental Scheme

The Heritage Music Instrument Rental Scheme is perfect if you’re not sure that you wish to purchase an instrument just yet. For example, you may have a child taking their first step into the world of playing an instrument or you may be an adult beginner taking on a new challenge. Our instrument rental scheme is flexible and affordable and, a good proportion of the rental you pay will go towards the cost of a new instrument if you ultimately decide to buy.

All our instruments are professionally checked and prepared by our experienced technicians before they are sent out. This ensures you receive an instrument in perfect working order that is ready to help you on your musical journey.

Download the Rental contract here

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How does it work?

A: A minimum 3 months commitment is required. After the initial 3 months you can either return the instrument with nothing further to pay, or you can continue renting and start to build credit towards a new instrument.

Half of all payments made from month 4 onwards can be used towards the cost of a new instrument.

Once you have read the details that follow herewith, sign the form and return it to us. It is the condition of Rental that proof of address (e.g., utility Bill) is supplied with the signed rental agreement form.

Payment is by Direct Debit. We will send you a link to complete once we have received your completed form.

Q: When will I get the instrument?

A: All instruments going out are put through the workshop to ensure they are in top playing order. This may mean a delay of a day or two so please allow 3-4 days for your instrument to arrive.

Please do not arrange a lesson until you are sure you will have your instrument.

Q: What is Included?

A: We only rent out quality instruments. Depending on the time of year it may be new or it may be used but always in good condition and in full working order. Each rental instrument comes with all it needs to get going – where applicable valve oil or a couple reeds.

Q: How long can I rent for?

A: There is a minimum rental period of 3 months. The first payment is taken when you set-up the rental online, month 2 and 3 are taken by Direct Debit through our partner GoCardless. After that you can rent for as long as you like and payment will continue to be collected via GoCardless direct debit.

Q: What happens after month 3?

A: If you don’t think it’s for you, you can simply return it.

If, as the majority find, it is for you, you simply carry on and pay monthly as usual by Direct Debit. Half of each of these subsequent payments (from month 4) can be used later as credit towards an instrument purchase. This credit must be claimed against a purchase within 30 days of completing your rental agreement.

If you do decide to stop after 3 months, simply return the instrument and there will be no more to pay. (We can assist with a courier collection for £12).

Q: Will I own the rental instrument?

A: No. The rental instrument is just that, a rental. It will always be returned to us; you are not paying it off monthly as that would be a hire purchase agreement. If you did want to simply spread the cost of a new instrument, we do offer other finance options instead, including 0% interest over 9 months.

Q: Why can’t I buy the rental instrument?

A: As mentioned above, if we were to sell you the rental instrument it would be a hire purchase agreement. You can do this via other finance options if that’s what would suit you better. The rental program, however, is designed to help you get started for a low monthly cost and to aid your progression. It gives you just a short period with low commitment to decide if its right for you and after say 12 months you may want to buy a very much better model or even a different instrument. It also allows students to progress through the sizes.

Our rental program offers flexibility for you to use your accrued credit towards the right instrument for you, at the right time.

Q: Can I use my payments to offset a future purchase?

A: Yes, absolutely. Half of all the payments you make from month 4 onwards can be used towards the cost of any new or used instrument that we sell. This credit, however, must be claimed within 30 days of completing your rental agreement.

Q: Will my rental instrument be brand new?

A: This depends on our stock at the time of your order. Some rental instruments are brand new; others may have been previously rented but are fully checked, serviced and sanitised in our workshop prior to dispatch.

Q: What happens if something goes wrong with the instrument?

A: Maintenance is covered by your monthly payment. If there is a routine maintenance issue then there are two options:

1) If you are able to visit our store, we can resolve the issue in our workshop whilst you wait.

2) If you are not able to visit the shop, we can arrange a courier to collect the instrument from you, we would then resolve the issue and return it to you via courier. This process takes 3-4 working days.

NB: Consumables such as reeds (other than what we originally provide) are not covered by this agreement.

Q: Is the instrument insured?

The instrument is insured in transit to you but unfortunately due to the fact that many instruments are taken to school and other public venues our insurance does not cover them while in your possession and we advise you add it to your household policy.

Repairs required due to mishandling or accident, and/or lost instruments will be charged to the hirers account. This includes rectifying badly carried out repairs by a third party.

Q: How do I return/cancel a rental?

A: You can cancel your rental contract at any time after the initial 3-month period. You can either:

1) Bring the instrument into the store and we will cancel the contract whilst you wait. This must be within 7 days of the last payment otherwise the next month’s rental becomes due.

2) We can arrange a courier to collect the instrument for you (£12 charge) and return it back to our store. All we ask is the instrument is properly and securely packed in a box. We then cancel the agreement upon receipt of the instrument. This must be within 7 days of the last payment otherwise the next month’s rental becomes due.

An instrument left at school when no longer required does not terminate the contract.

Download the Rental contract here

Instrument Rental Prices

Level 1 instrument (Good quality branded instrument)

Suitable for Grades 1-3

Artemis Clarinet               £12 a month

Trevor James 5X flute     £12 a month

Trevor James Alto saxophone    £15 a month

Artemis Trumpet               £10 a month

Artemis Cornet                   £12 a month

Artemis Trombone            £15 a month

Level 2 instrument (Better quality student instrument)

Suitable for up to Grade 5

Jupiter Clarinet                  £16 a month

Pearl 505E flute                 £16 a month

Jupiter Alto saxophone    £20 a month

Jupiter Trumpet                £12 a month

Jupiter Cornet                    £16 a month

Jupiter Trombone              £20 a month

Level 3 instrument (Best quality student instrument)        

Suitable to achieve grade 5+

Yamaha Clarinet                  £20 a month

Yamaha flute                         £20 a month

Yamaha Alto saxophone    £30 a month

Yamaha Trumpet                £15 a month

Yamaha Cornet                    £20 a month

Yamaha Trombone             £25 a month