About us

Welcome to the Heritage Music website.

Heritage Music, including Caswells Strings, is one of Britain’s oldest mail-order companies specialising in instruments and accessories for all types of musical instruments – brass, woodwind and bowed strings. With roots extending back over 50 years in the Southwest of England, Caswells became a household brand, known throughout the world for its extensive range of fine instruments. Suppliers to many schools, local authorities and colleges throughout the UK and beyond, and specialising in all types of instruments from student to professional.

Heritage Music is only 30 minutes north of Oxford, conveniently situated just off the M40, in Banbury.

Heritage Music has grown up centred around its extensive workshop, where we have full-time, on-site technicians to cater for any repairs, rebuilds and restorations to all brass, woodwind, guitars and stringed instruments.

Opening Hours

The shop is open on Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm. To try instruments and/or bows, please allow an hour and preferably make an appointment before hand to make sure there’s space.

We are not open on weekends and some bank holidays.

We are more than happy to meet you at the shop on a bank holiday by appointment, please enquire.

Heritage Music

Unit 15

Beaumont Close


OX16 1TP

Tel: 01280 707140
Fax: 01280 707142
Email: sales@heritage-music.co.uk